Selasa, September 02, 2008

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" aWaRd PuIsI dari BuNda IbaD "

Musim lagi deh award neh... hihihi.. kali ini Mama dapet lagi award puisi dari Bunda Ibad.. makasih ya Bund.. langsung deh Shasa pasang award puisinya disini...

We need friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need friends to comfort us
when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.
We need friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.
We need friends to remember us
one we have passed
sharing memories that will always last.
Spread the poem of friendship.
1. Siraj 2. Asmus~Ark 3. Andiana 4. Indah 5. Nia 6. Netty 7. Mama Shasa



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